Why can’t we not be sober? 
I just want to start this over. 
Why can’t we drink forever? 
I just want to start things over. 

Dan Peterman’s sculptures are usually created by taking an existing object and modifying it, showing the existing function and the potential for something new. His work is not overly prescriptive, but references ecology and the ways in which it can intersect with art. A common theme in Peterman’s work is the idea of waste, and the conditions leading to a society which produces, consumes and discards.

Click through on the image for a link to Peterman’s page on the Andrea Rosen Gallery website.


Sweet chair sculpture!

Snuggles and a popsicle :)8 (Taken with instagram)

New hair… Eeeep (Taken with instagram)

Sometimes, especially lately, I feel the need for some kind of spiritual guidance, but I don’t necessarily believe there is such a thing as God. I have always believed in having good morals and being kind to others. I have no desire to start following a religion at this point in my life because there are so many. It sometimes seems ridiculous to me that any of them can take themselves seriously, but at the same time I understand people have the need for a higher power and guidance. And the support people get within their church is a wonderful thing, I won’t deny that. Maybe I am just looking for a connection with something-a feeling of belonging. I suppose I was always taught to take things with a grain of salt, I mean I stopped believing in santa when I was 5 and I think I started being skeptical about God around age 9. I would like to believe there is a purpose or a reason…reincarnation perhaps? I don’t know what I am looking for exactly, but if anyone has any suggestions on research I should do, or you just want to try and change my mind about religion I am all ears.

It’s like I’m 19 again, my only vices lately are chocolate, caffeinated beverages, and the occasional lottery ticket! (Taken with instagram)

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Sock puppet Abe and I made. (Taken with instagram)

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Pooh ornaments I made for Abe. (Taken with instagram)